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We are Infant Vision. It’s nice to meet you!

Infant Vision serves as an incubator for creative visions to agencies and brands. We embody every necessary creative tool to design, brand create and essentially captivate your idea and make it a reality. We are an innovative blend of cutting-edge talent, unique skills and valuable resources. Infant Vision is a creative driving force behind your advertising and branding vision. As an exquisite group of passionate artists, illustrators, CGI gurus, designers and photographers, we care about bringing your vision to life and making you and your clients stand out.

We offer a wide variety of integrated production and post-production services across all campaign media platforms.

Concept Developing

Pre-visualisation, Brainstorming and Storyboarding emphasising interaction between client and development team to enhance creativity through team discussion.

Creative Photography

We aim to create high-end visual photography, that bring our clients ideas and concepts to life.

Creative Retouching

Our retouching team works in an environment devoted to creative collaboration, technical expertise in a continued effort of  innovation to achieve the vision and brand identity of our client’s projects for every image we take on.

CGI & Animation

Our world class artist specialize in creating high-end imagery for some of the world’s leading  global brands.

Interactive & Motion

Our motion design team is renowned for their storytelling with 2D animation, 3D visualization bringing immersive dimension to your unique  brand.

Web & Graphic Design

Our experienced artists & professional graphic design team are experts in the area of  SEO, print, web, logo and web design.

Building your brand

Infant Vision is a creative production studio composed of dreamers, thinkers and makers who are passionate about branding media and blending ideas with technology. We playfully explore new ideas, taking the necessary baby steps to transforming challenges into engaging and memorable experiences. We provide a cross media creative solution involving all elements of production services like 3D CGI, Creative Retouching and animation.

Working with the best

Our greatest assets is our superior level of retouching work we produce. Our work has been featured in multiple  international campaigns, magazine covers, and catalogues all around the world.

Project availability

Don’t Be a stranger give us a call, were always looking for opportunities to collaborate with partners on projects under development, or contribute our expertise to planning interpretive strategies and defining new ways to implement interactive media.

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""I am thrilled with this year's campaign. I am currently dealing with multitude of campaigns and this one is by far the best performing from a user engagement perspective. Over the last three year's, InfantVision™ has proved to be our most valuable business partner. Their team of visionaries has exceeded our expectations yet again.
Cherry L., Sr. Director of Marketing, Cao Cosmetics"

Cherry L.

Alexander, Rafael

Founder / Project Lead/ Post-Production Artist

Eric G.

Graphic Designer/ CGI Artist/ Front Web Developer

Sunny H.

High-end Retoucher

Tyler Smith

Art Director

Nasir King

Project Coordinator

Steven Kliens

Human Resources

Seeing Is Believing

Since our inception, Infant Vision has assisted the vision of some of the world’s most trusted brands, advertising agencies and photographers.

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